Women’s Hockey

The Patagonia Cup secures all teams competitive matches and the chance to play international opponents. The tournament will be played according to the regulations of the FIH – CAH rules. The tournament organisation reserves the right to make adjustments to the tournament format to guarantee that every team play the same number of matches.


Opening Ceremony & Round 1: Saturday 6 February 2016
Round 2: Sunday 7 February 2016
Round 3: Wednesday 10 February 2016
Round 4: Thursday 11 February 2016
Round 5& Semi-finals: Friday 12 February 2016
Finals: Saturday 13 February 2016

Rules of play are as per FIH rules with the following alterations:
• Rounds 1-4 matches are 2 x 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time.
• Final matches are 2 x 25 minute halves with a 10 minute half time. 

Tournament Format

Pool Phase (Rounds 1-4)

The Teams competing in The Patagonia Cup will be divided into Pools of 5 Teams. The number of pools will depend upon the number of participant teams.

Match Points System

Teams will play each other in each Pool and on a round robin basis and Match points will be awarded on the following basis:

• 3 points for a win
• 1 points for a draw
• 0 points for a loss

The pool standings will be calculated according to each team's points. If teams have the same number of points at the end of the pool stage, they will be ranked according to wins. If the teams have also won the same number of matches, they will be ranked on goal difference – goals scored minus goals conceded. If the teams are still equal, they will be ranked by the most number of goals scored. Finally, if still equal a shoot-outs competition will be played. If two or more times are tied, then each team will play a shoot-out competition against the other teams in the same sequence of play as in the pool.

Seeding for Round 5

At the end of the Pool phase, the Teams will be seeded based on the position in which they finished in their respective Pools.

The matches to determine fifth and sixth place will be played as follows:
3rd pool A v 3rd pool B

The matches to determine seventh and eighth place will be played as follows:
4th pool A v 4th pool B

The matches to determine ninth and tenth place will be played as follows
5th pool A v 5th pool B

The semi-finals will be played as follows:
Winner pool A v Second pool B
Winner pool B v Second pool A

The winners of these two matches will take part in the final for first and second place.

Third-Place Match
The Patagonia Cup Final